Why Own a CNC Router?


CNC routers bring a list of benefits to any growing sign shop. A common concern in small businesses is productivity and being able to add new services like 3D engraving is definitely a revenue generator. Scaling capabilities and greater quality are crucial. Add all those factors together and the result will be equal to greater profitability for your business.

Improved Productivity

If you want to make many same items, the CNC routers from Cancam.ca can offer you a huge advantage. With this, you can save some job files for the repeat jobs. CNC routers also save labor costs. It can also save you time and money. Other than that, you can cut a set of letters with the router in the time that it takes for cutting one by hand. Remember that you can always make money, but you can never make time.

Expanding Services

Adding some new services, beyond productivity, to your offering might attract some new clients and new revenue stream for your business. Sign makers may test their local market through outsourcing the dimensional signage to a bigger company. If you start outsourcing $700-$800 monthly, you might like to think about bringing routing in your home so you can control the product, the profits, and quality. Dimensional signage is definitely a strong niche, which supplements the existing business with high profit potential.

Being in control of routing provides sign makers the capability to do both exterior and interior signage. Sign makers may get into the business of commercial signage or fabrication for channel letters. It provides them a broad capability to enter different markets.


Aim for Higher Quality

With clients new and old, consistency and quality are crucial to gaining repeat business as well as building the reputation of the company. With this in mind, CNC routers are a good way to go. The result of topnotch quality since you design this by hand depends on computer technology to reduce ideal real curves. There is also the ability to adjust scaling just by touching a button. You may draw something up and decide that you like it to be larger.

Automate for Profitability

While the quality is the key, there is no shop owner who can resist the cost-cutting strategies. With the use of CNC routers for automating, the process of cutting this goal while keeping the consistency and quality. More often than not, they are producing some components already that can be generated on routers and when it comes to reality, the overall cost of ownership becomes lesser and the parts have high quality and cost less to generate.

Selecting the Router That Fits on Your Needs

Just like some classes of cars, there are various classes of routers. However, no matter what the level you have chosen, you must look for particular features in machines. Begin with user-friendliness and ease of use. The hardware and software is also a key consideration.

If you are confused with the available options, don’t hesitate to contact Cancam.ca.

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